Tanner Abel is a New York based fashion photographer currently studying at Parsons The New School for Design. Inspired by the physicality of his subjects, upon discovering a muse he strives to elaborate on his vision of them, often exaggerating their prominent features and placing them into a range of ensembles and gestures to assert their individuality. His chosen models are liberated by expressions and movement, often dancing or posing vibrantly while rejecting mannequin like statures. The relationship between photographer and model is crucial in forming a setting which allows him to produce idealized depictions of them which exercise and build upon his growing knowledge of art and fashion history, causing both for fashion to cheekily reference itself and for him to create something new out of something old. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured by publications such as KING KONG, Nylon, OUT, Glassbook, PANSY Mag, Bullett, Vogue Italia, D’SCENE, and DRØME.

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